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Frequently asked questions

Where do you get your coffee?
Our coffee is purveyed from sustainable farms located in COLOMBIA: Coffee Axis, Antioquia, Cauca, Cundinamarca, Huila, Nariño, Santander, Sierra Nevada, Tolima and Valle del Cauca!
How do I know the quality of the Coffee?
All Kis Coffees are specialty-grade coffees that consistently score in the top 5% or better. Consistency enables us to roast a better coffee.
Is your coffee fair-trade?
We offer a combination: fair-trade certified, ethical trade, direct trade, as well as curated coffees through coffee cooperatives. We emphasize that our coffees focus only sustainable farming practices.
How fresh is the coffee?
If you order your coffee before 5pm on Wednesdays, we roast your coffee order in the morning at origin, in Apia Colombia on Thursdays and then ship it fresh every Friday, via FedEx or DHL to our office in Cape Coral, Fl for distribution via UPS. This is one of the best things about going Kis coffees subscriptions & coffee gifts – your coffee will be consistently fresher than what you’ll find at the grocery store, or a mermaid coffee shop – sorry grocery stores. If you want fresher coffee, you must come downb to Colombia where “mi casa es su casa”.
Do you flavor the coffee?
We do not add any flavoring to our coffee. The only ingredient in Kis coffee is the beans and all our love and passion to offer you the best coffee.
What are the tasting notes you list?
The tasting notes are the flavors we identified within each coffee. Nutty, fruity, brown sugar, berry, chocolate and more are flavors that you can discover in single- origin coffee. Much like wine, but coffee has more than 800 aromatic and flavor compounds.
What can I do with an account?
Update your shipping frequency. Change billing and or shipping address. Change payment method or credit card. Track shipments. Change your email address I forgot my password? Please email us so we can help. Email:
I didn’t receive an account email confirmation?
Please email us so we can confirm your email on file and re-send a confirmation. Email:
Can I select the coffee for my gift?
Yes you can. Or the recipient can choose their own coffee.
Can I select a Ground or Whole bean?
Yes you can. We offer both Whole Bean, French Press grind (coarse grind), Drip grind (medium grind), and Espresso grind (fine grind) options.
How do I extend a gift?
You can email us and we’ll keep your gift subscription going! Email:
Can´t find what you´re looking for?
You can Email us at
Can I cancel at anytime?
YES. You can easily login to your account to cancel. Please email us if you need further assistance. Email:
What forms of payment do you accept?
American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Capital One, + all major credit cards & PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay are all accepted. We are constantly expanding as well.
I have a subscription – when will I be charged?
According to our subscription plan, you will be charged when your next order is being prepared. For example, if you receive coffee once a month, you will be billed once a month when your coffee is being prepared to be shipped to you.
I bought a gift subscription – when will I be charged?
You will only be charged once when your gift is purchased.
How do I update my shipping address?
You can log in to your account > access your portal > update shipping address. Click here to login.
Can my gift recipient make changes after I sign them up?
They sure can. We pride ourselves on customer service and accommodating our subscribers – they can reach out to us at anytime to update their coffee selection, grind type, or shipping preferences. They can create an account or contact customer service: Email:
If I have a large gift list, can I send you the list so Kis pillow pad coffee can send everyone on my gift list coffee?
Yes, we can help you with this. Send us an email at so we can discuss your needs.
Do you include prices in the box?
We do not include the prices inside a gift box. Your gift recipient will not see any form of invoice or price.
Can I update my coffee grind preferences?
Yes, you can. We offer whole bean and ground coffee options – let us know which you prefer.
I received a gift – How do I learn more?
f it is a subscription, then your coffees will be mailed to your address. If it is a gift card, then begin shopping and use your code at checkout to pay for your purchase.
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