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Started from a profound love for Colombia and its coffee, and to bring consumers the best coffee possible. – from one of the most famous coffee producing regions in the world. Our founders are a third-generation coffee producer whose grandfather (Faustino Jovito Naranjo) established the first coffee mill in 1933 in Apia. Since then, coffee has been a mainstay of our family tradition.
Our organic coffee is harvested at high altitudes. Apia is located in one of the worlds prime coffee growing areas at the foothill (5350ft) of “Cerro Tatamá”. We grow and export the best coffee available, ensuring that our producers receive high quality prices for our quality beans.
“The town is well known for its cultural contributions at a National level especially its music bands and musicians such as Rubo Marín Pulgarín and Carlos Fernando López Naranjo.
In the months of April, May and, June of this year again three poets of Apía, triumphed in international contests of sonnet in Spanish publishers: Gersaín Antonio Restrepo Agudelo, Juan Hely Morales Bedoya and Francisco Javier López Naranjo.” (Taken from Wikipedia)
We inherited Granja San Isidro, from our father, Gerardo Naranjo Lopez, a poet, writer and civic leader. After passing away we resolved to keep on the family tradition and have been able to use technology and better processing practices to convert to organic farming.
As a proof of authenticity, we are authorized to use Juan Valdez®’s logo which is the #1 brand of premium Colombian coffee. Premium quality coffee that is 100% Colombian in origin is a rare treat to coffee lovers. The unique flavor and freshness provide a wonderful coffee experience. Juan Valdez coffee has the distinction of being the only recognized brand globally belonging to coffee growers.
Colombian coffee is renowned the world over for its quality and delicious taste; in fact, along with a couple of other countries, Colombia's coffee is generally seen as some of the best in the world.
Our coffee is freshly roasted upon order. We invite you to visit our farm in Apía and experience Colombian coffee at its best.
“Mi casa es su casa”

Mememto images from Apia

Apia's Farmers Market long time ago